The six questions MT energy voters need answers to

Energy issues have consistently been listed as top concerns for Montana voters in 2014.  Despite the voter interest in issues ranging from coal exports to EPA regulations, the positions of some candidate on energy issues is still largely undefined.  With two debates scheduled for each of the federal races over a four-day span next week, there’s an excellent opportunity for Montana voters to learn where these candidates stand on energy.

The Montana Business Leadership Council has outlined a series of five questions that are still at least partially unanswered by at least one of the federal candidates on the ballot:

ACCF Economist, Dr. Margo Thorning on Oil Taxes

Dr. Margo Thorning of the American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF) speaks out on the importance of the oil and gas industry and the harmful impact that unreasonable taxes can have on the American economy. Click here to see her study that shows how taxes hurt all American energy producers, but have a disproportionally large impact on smaller independent producers like many of those is Montana. 

American Council for Capital Formation Study 

MT Legislature Made Right Decision on Medicaid

By Sen. Fred Thomas

With the growing federal deficit and the need to raise the debt ceiling once again looming large, it has become clear to many of us that the Legislature was right to reject the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

While the debate was going on, we heard the same set of claims – put forward as if they were facts – over and over again. Obamacare Medicaid would give 70,000 Montanans health care. Obamacare Medicaid would create 12,000 new jobs.